행복한 자녀 교육의 시작, NYK는 첫 단추입니다.

Our Highest Goals :

Pleasure of Learning!
Professional Educators teaching with Love and Sincerity

Important Elements of NYK School

  1. All of our faculty members are education majors; specifically, Early Childhood Education, English Education, Art Education, Music Education, etc.
  2. The curriculum we use is the same as used in many private and public schools in the United States.
  3. We maintain small classes in order to provide individualized instruction and assistance.
  4. We use a developmentally appropriate reading program called Early Reading Club.
  5. We meticulously maintain the program standards at the highest level.

School-Home Communication

  1.  Newsletter
    Every month parents will receive an informative newsletter, a schedule for the next month, and an educational magazine called Mom Leadership. The teachers post pictures daily on Naver Café and the lunch menu can be found there as well.
  2. Suggested Home Activities
    In the first week of every month parents will receive Suggested Home Activities that coincide with school study and themes.
  3. Daily Note
    Each day a daily note is sent home to parents as a simple behavior check-up.
  4. Authentic Portfolio Assessment
    At the end of each month parents will receive a student portfolio that demonstrates and includes the students’ progress and activities of that month.
  5. Parent-Teacher Conferences
    Parent-Teacher Conferences are held bi-annually during each semester. Parents can schedule individual conferences at any time by appointment.