행복하게 성장하는 아이들, 미래의 꿈과 희망입니다.

Children’s Day


Every year on May 5th is a special day set aside to honor children. To celebrate our children we take a trip offering child-oriented entertainment.

Pajama Day


Pajama Party spells fun, fun, fun! Socializing is an integral skill children must improve to become successful learners. On this fun day, children wear pajamas, bring pillows, and stuffed animals to cuddle. It all adds up to a wonderful bonding experience.

World Culture Day


Through parent presentations students are exposed to a wide variety of career information. This type of real-life exposure increases student awareness of the world outside of themselves and encourages ideas about career possibilities.

Happy Chuseok Day


Chuseok is an important Korean harvest celebration focused around family bonds. Children wear Hanbok to school and we engage in traditional games and activities.

Halloween Party


Halloween is a western holiday celebrated every year on October 31st. Following the traditional celebration we give a school-wide party where students wear costumes, trick-or-treat, play games, sing songs, and do art projects.

NYK Day Camp


Each semester we take a picnic. Getting outside together is an exciting and fun social activity for the students. Creativity and imagination are inspired by a new environment and beautiful scenery.

Sports Day


Our annual Sports Day is an exciting full family event. Families participate together in age appropriate fun athletic games fostering teamwork and good sportsmanship.

International Festival


Celebrating the New Year is a world-wide custom, although traditions vary from country to country. Students will learn about customs and make Korean traditional food.

Field Trip


Monthly outdoor field trips are taken to connect children with nature and build a healthy curiosity about the world.

Happy Birthday Party


Once a month, a group birthday party is held for students that had a birthday during that month. Parents send a birthday cake to school when it is their children’s month.

Christmas Party


Following traditional western customs we have a school Christmas Party complete with a visit from Santa Claus. Santa brings a Christmas gift for each child.

End of Year Performance


We close our year with either a special concert or an exhibit of student work. This is a wonderful opportunity to share student talents with family and friends.