창의적이고, 지혜로우며, 자존감 높은 어린이로 성장 할 수 있도록 교육합니다.

Quality over Quantity

We at NYK strongly believe in the motto“quality over quantity”. By this we mean that the quality of an education is not dependent on how many exercise workbooks are completed per month or how many words a student can read in a minute. We believe in comprehension over memorization, and that less content but more focus leads to more understanding. Learning (especially with languages) is about engaging with the material and truly understanding it. Simply put,comprehension and communication (two fundamental elements of language acquisition) are not acquired by racing through material or by memorization of grammatical rules.

Bring Up the expectation of Speaking and Creating

Although learning English, like any language, is a task that requires hard work and dedication, we at NYK believethat learning can also be a fun and rewarding experience. It is our belief that excited students are motivated students, and that curiosity and energy add tothe learning process, they don’t hinder it. We see potential in every student, and recognize that each student is unique and learns in his or her own way.That is why we are proud to offer a new approach to English language education.The NYK approach to learning is a holistic one which focuses not only on building better English speakers, but also better people.

Promote team spirit & Provide a whole-person Education

While English language acquisition is a fundamental aim of the NYK approach, it is by no means the only one.  Our focus is multi-faceted in that we also aim to develop better, more well-rounded and adaptable people. The leaders of tomorrow will be those most capable of working together while handling the unique challenges of a globalizing world. As a result, while learning English at NYK, students will simultaneously be learning about the importance of teamwork, sharing and cooperation. Higher level students will have the opportunity to engage in exciting and thought-provoking question and debate classes.