올바른 인성과 창의성, 다중지능 발달을 위한 유아교육과정입니다.


NYK kindergarten, Education has a strong impact on our program, provides opportunities to develop both disciplinary and interdisciplinary understanding, integrating our early childhood educational standards and personal standards. While enrolled in NYK’s program, children learn new concepts and skills from a variety of the world’s best stories and the interrelationships between many different subjects, including international manners. Our course aims and program design offer significant opportunities to learn about empathy, honesty, integrity, acting respectfully, and thinking creatively to help enhance students’ intelligence. Children strive to become linguistically knowledgeable, socialized, enthused, excellent communicators, and well-balanced individuals through our kindergarten program.

  • 교육대상 : 4~7세
  • 교육내용 : NYK Kindergarten 커리큘럼은 전세계 우수한 동화책과 연계한 다양한 체험 놀이, 리더십 활동을 바탕으로 올바른 인성과 창의적 사고력, 다중지능 인지발달을 위한 통합유아교육과정입니다. 배움의 즐거움을 알고 신체, 언어, 감성, 사회성, 정서적 발달이 균형 있게 성장 할 수 있는 교육환경을 제공합니다.

Annual Syllabus

NYK provides an Integrated Early Childhood Development program utilizing monthly themes and specialized weekly subjects designed to expand the scope of a child’s cognitive abilities between ages 4 and 7.


Multiple Intelligences Activity




In this class students will learn the Scientific Method of experimentation utilizing hands-on and authentic materials.

Block Play


Block educational manipulative created by Froebel actively develop small motor skills and scientific imagination



Using their five senses students create imaginative cooking “art” like food in the shape of animals or numbers.

Project Art


Students are exposed to the works of famous artists and given extension activities to promote in-depth observation and expression.



Gymnastics and other physical activities develop important gross motor skills. Students will benefit from increased flexibility, balance, muscle strength and healthy bones.



The ballet class gives students opportunities to experience English and music through an active dance experience.Students learn ballet naturally while doing the English sing along.

Dramatic Play


Role playing develops a healthy imagination and helps young students develop social roles, cooperation, friendship, and consideration of classmates.


Outdoor Activity


Outdoor Activities are taken to connect children with nature and build a healthy curiosity about the world.

Learn & Gym


Learn and Gym is a creative physical extension of the monthly theme. Learn and Gym promotes teamwork and cooperation through speaking and body movements.

Leadership & Manners


Emphasis is placed upon character building, structuring good habits, manners, customs, and other important social skills. Through learning respect for others, students will engage in activities that will instill in them at an early age qualities to become future leaders.

Craft & Design


This program is the coordination of small muscle movements; usually involving the synchronization of hands and fingers with the eyes. Developmentally appropriate activities include cutting shapes, drawing, buttoning their clothes, and picking up objects.

Image Story


After reading and discussion of a book, students become authors by making-up their own story matching the original illustrations from the book. These types of activity helps students expand vocabulary; understand sentence structure, as well as building creative writing abilities.

Leader’s Day


Every Monday students will increase their speaking and sentence structure skills by sharing their weekend activities.

Show & Tell


Each week there is a school-wide Show & Tell theme. Students bring items from home or can post pictures on Naver Café to share.

Game & Math


This program develops imaginative mathematical thinking. Math Plus GT creatively implements geometric shapes, colors, and sizes to teach basic geometry concepts and relationships.

Operational Information

Semester Overview

We have four semesters: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter. We will have 240 school days this year. Please notify us a week before your child has personal reasons for an absence. Unfortunately, tuition is not refunded under any circumstances.

School and Parent Communication

The school provides many formal and informal opportunities for parents to monitor their children’s progress at school. A strong partnership between parents and schools enriches the learning experience. We encourage parents to communicate with their child’s teacher using, mobile, kakaotalk, texts, etc., Parents may call the school to speak with teachers anytime outside of classroom hours, between 9:00 and 9:30 or 2:30 and 5:30. Parents, please refrain from entering classrooms, unless it is an emergency.

Health Policy

Please do not send your child to school with any of the following: fevers, untreated bacterial infections, vomiting, diarrhea, or other contagious or communicable diseases. If your child comes to school with an illness or becomes ill during school sending him/her home may be necessary. The child’s mother, father, or their emergency contact number will be called. Children with contagious or communicable diseases will not be allowed to re-enter school until they are sufficiently recovered.