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Program for International Schools

NYK teachers work with parents to communicate clearly about the needs and aspirations of their children and their expectations for their goals through our system.

  1. Reading Comprehension This subject emphasizes learning how to read strategically, helping the student to solve problems effectively with critical thoughts, and encouraging him/her to value reading comprehension based on American textbooks.
  2. Essay (Writing) Learning how to overcome challenging writing skills will help students develop logical statements and critical thoughts. They will then have to provide proof and logical arguments about these topics.
  3. Interview (Debate) NYK students will learn to analyze, critique, and take responsible action on current issues by presenting their critical and creative opinions. They will exercise initiative in making reasoned decisions with confidence, which will be helpful for future interviews.


  • 교육대상 : G3~G8 국제학교 학생
  • 교육내용 : NYK IVY 국제학교반은 학부모님과의 긴밀한 상담과 컨설팅을 통해 학생의 강.약점을 파악한 후 1:1 코칭 수업으로 진행됩니다.